The Doors in Concert's tribute to Light My Fire

Light My Fire performed live

About Light My Fire

Light My Fire was the first song Robby Krieger ever wrote. It became The Doors' signature song and was included on their first album. The song was a huge hit and launched them to stardom. Before it was released, The Doors were an underground band popular in the Los Angeles area, but Light My Fire got the attention of a mass audience. Light My Fire topped the Hot 100 for the first three weeks of July 1967. It sold over one million copies and was the first #1 hit for their record label Elektra.

There are some pretty basic, but effective, rhymes in this song:

  • fire
  • liar
  • higher
  • mire
  • pyre

A funeral pyre is a platform used in ceremonial cremations. The image evokes spirituality and ancient mythology, as well as death, one of Jim Morrison's favorite topics. Robby Krieger objected to the line at first, but Morrison convinced him it would work in opposition to the love-based lyrics that dominate the song.

The Doors in Concert's tribute to Light My Fire

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